Rakia Recruiting recruits people at all levels of seniority, from upper management and senior technicians to specialized trades people and field labourers. And we can accommodate your workflow needs by finding permanent full-time or short-term contract employees.

We guarantee the satisfaction of all our clients. Therefore, in the event that a new employee needs to be replaced,given that:

  • ​it is for any reason other than work shortage or layoff
  • you have paid the recruitment fee within 30 days of invoice date, and
  • it is within the insurance coverage dates

A new employee will be covered by a brand new insured period of equal duration and conditions. Additionally, you have the option to, for a nominal fee, extend the duration of your Replacement Insurance up until the last day of the original insured period.

In the unlikely event that we cannot find you a suitable replacement within two weeks, we will refund you 50% of the original fee paid.​

We have spent years developing tools and refining our processes, so that we can deliver more talent and open up better opportunities than any other recruitment agency. This investment in research and development has resulted in:

  • A network with our global partnership that gives us worldwide reach of thousands of candidates in various communities at any given time.

The quality of communication can make or break the recruitment process and our ability to deliver the best fit for both clients and candidates. All our staff are extensively trained on Rakia Recruiting communication standards and delivery procedures. This includes everything from order-taking protocol and industry-specific reference check questions to offer negotiation and follow-up quality control, ensuring that nothing gets missed in the process. You can be confident in the consistency and quality of our customer service.

Fees are structured on a contingency basis, payable only if and when we find the suitable candidate for our clients.

We have spent over three decades developing the tools and refining our systems and processes, so that we can deliver more, better qualified, and otherwise hard-to-find candidates. Our specialized bag of tricks includes:

  • A standardized interview process that evaluates a candidate’s experience, motivation, and willingness to do the job. Our objective is to find reliable workers that will be committed to the length of the project
  • Web-based and in-house database systems give us a leading edge in attracting quality candidates, innovative search capabilities, and nationwide ‘hot-delivery’ methods that significantly reduce our search times
  • Oftentimes, the old-fashioned, word-of-mouth method cannot be replaced, and Rakia Recruiting has invested years of time and resources into building its extensive referral network. This gives us access to an invaluable hidden labour market and connections to highly qualified candidates who may still be employed but are open to attractive opportunities that arise.
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