Rakia Recruiting is proud to provide a full range of services for local project staffing. Similar to the International Workforce Program, this service is suitable for projects that require teams of people. Due to factors such as time constraints or the need for small work teams, sometimes local staffing is the best option. We source people of all skill and experience levels, from carpenters to heavy industrial maintenance staff, and general labourers.

Scope of Services

The scope of services is dependent on project specifications and client needs, and may include:

  • Sourcing, screening, and selecting workforce
  • Coordinating direct screening and interviews by clients
  • Handling drug and health tests
  • Coordinating workforce testing and training
  • Arrangement of transportation and/or accommodations
  • Workforce management
  • Payroll, inclusive of EI, WCB, statutory holidays, etc.
  • Contingency workforce plan
  • Project debriefing

Features and Benefits

We are committed to making the process and logistics as smooth and seamless as possible for our clients. In order to do that, we assign a project manager to each IWP project, who can be available throughout the process to answer questions, coordinate accommodations and the recruitment process, and, most importantly, be on site for the first portion of the project to ensure that all workforce dynamics are working smoothly and arrangements such as transportation, training, or accommodation are followed through on. The project manager can also be a resource and point of contact throughout the project in regards to workforce issues and management.
What you can save on cost of labour involves much more than just the cost of wages. As an employer, it includes other hard costs such as WCB, EI, statutory holidays, etc. It also includes soft costs incurred as a result of high turnover rates, which is often taken for granted in construction or seasonal industries. Expenses include the cost of retraining, transportation, administrative costs for internal recruitment, and low efficiency rates of newer workers.

With Rakia Recruiting, soft costs such as turnover and retraining become negligible, as our international workers are dedicated to the project and motivated to maximize their Canadian earnings by working the full length of their contract and the hours needed to complete the job on time. This not only means significant savings for you – it also makes your costs more predictable, allowing you to budget and schedule more accurately.​

We have over 360,000 international workers on hand at any given time, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

We work with a specialized network of pre-approved vendors across 8 different countries who are equipped to mobilize quickly to find skilled workers in addition to those we already have on hand.

Of the thousands of pre-screened candidates we have on hand, over 20,000 of them have worked directly with Rakia for a period of 2-6 years on various projects and assignments. This means that we have first-hand knowledge of their work ethic and competency, as well as completed references and feedback on past projects.

We ensure the quality of the candidate selection by deploying our own staff to our vendor locations across Europe to directly oversee recruitment processes for active orders and projects.

Our international workers are excited to earn the Canadian dollar, and motivated to maximize those earnings by staying the full length of their contracts as well as maximizing the amount of hours they work. Their heightened work ethic translates into quality work done in minimum time, allowing projects to be completed on budget and as scheduled.

In many cases, our workforce teams have previous experience working with each other, and are able to take directions easily and work efficiently and cooperatively together.

Each team is staffed with an English-qualified team leader who is able to manage team dynamics, translate directions competently, and provide leadership as necessary.​

Rakia Recruiting has the resources required, including Canadian and overseas personnel, to manage the immigration/visa process from start to finish. This saves you time and hassle, making it possible to employ an international workforce on a scale that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

We have the processes in place to provide unionized workers upon request by our clients.

Depending on our clients’ needs, Rakia Recruiting can arrange for transportation and accommodations of groups large and small.​

Rakia Recruiting has the payroll capability and administrative infrastructure to act as Employer of Record, minimizing your liability and simplifying your accounting processes.

Health and safety for our international workforce is of utmost importance us. As employer of record, we ensure that all workforce employees are educated and trained on in-house safety standards, that they participate in all required safety training required by the client, and that team leaders are sufficiently qualified in both English and communicating safety procedures to teams.

In order to ensure a maximum attendance, especially on time-sensitive projects, we offer the option to retain a contingency of workers. These workers are pre-screened and qualified by us, trained with the rest of the main workforce, and available on an on-call basis. This program minimizes the impact of workforce turnover on your project’s objectives.

Our Methodology

Fee Structure

Fees and payment schedules are negotiated on a per-project basis and terms are flexible to suit our clients’ needs.

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