An organization is a reflection of its people. The diverse talent, expertise, and dedication of Leadership shapes every aspect of our business, enabling us to excel at what we do and, ultimately, deliver the quality of service you can trust and rely on time and again.


Our management team brings over 18 years of experience in global recruitment, construction project management, and operations management. They are the driving force behind Rakia Recruiting’s positive workplace culture and strategic direction. With strong backgrounds in business and the management of construction projects worth $1.5 to $250 million with Rakia Global, they have had hands-on experience in varying levels of the business. An intricate understanding of industry niches enables effective leadership of the recruitment team as well as more streamlined processes and approaches to customer service, ultimately translating to better value for our clients. The management team currently divides time between Canadian recruitment and staffing initiatives and overseeing international recruitment processes in Rakia Recruiting’s European divisions


Our recruitment staff has over 25 years’ experience in maximizing the contributions of people in the workforce through every aspect of labour relations and human resource management. They have developed and implemented HR frameworks in fast-growing entrepreneurial environments where HR systems need to be both cost effective and efficient, serving organizations with as many as 5000 employees or more.

As a result, we are able to provide our clients with the expertise that most appropriately addresses their specific needs. Team members work closely with clients every step of the way, utilizing best practices in recruitment, policies and procedures. They are committed individuals who share a common desire to work with others on a personal level to help them grow and succeed. And our commitment doesn’t end when the project ends. Sustainability and critical follow-up - measuring our progress, evaluating our efforts, anticipating future needs in order to meet future growth - are all part of our commitment to leveraging our services, professional advice and network to help you and your company succeed.


Our engaging and dynamic sales team has over 20 years of international business development and general management experience with the reputation, ability and motivation to establish and maintain market leadership for any business, product or service.

Our sales individuals are highly engaged with the middle and higher management levels of industry leaders, not only to convey our selling propositions, but also to establish a partnership based on trust. Our in-house team strives to build efficient methods of collaboration and communication by analyzing and mapping the needs of each client through every step of the way.

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, from the first telephone conversation to ensuring client satisfaction after each candidate is placed.


Our marketing department has stayed fresh and innovative by utilizing the newest methods and tools in the industry for over 19 years. Rakia Recruiting’s marketing team ensures that both candidates and clients stay up-to-date and informed on what is most important to them. Candidates are always the first to know about latest opportunities that are the best fit for their individual backgrounds, and we make sure that clients, from large general contractors to niche companies, know about the specialized tools and processes that are available for procuring top talent.

The marketing team is continuously striving to bridge the gap between candidates and clients by connecting candidates with client opportunities, giving companies the chance to connect with industry superstars, and providing both parties with the latest industry news they need to make strategic and informed decisions.‚Äč

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