Rakia Recruiting cares about our candidates and their careers. We do more than help you find the type of work you are looking for, be it permanent, contract, or temporary; we make it a priority to find the best fit for your personality and future growth and success.

Working on your behalf – FOR FREE

There is no cost to you as a candidate for using our service. What you gain, however, is a team that works hard on your behalf. We take the time and effort to get to know your strengths, your motivations, and goals, and excel at helping you put your best foot forward. Our aim is not only to find you a job that suits your abilities, but to find the best fit possible for your personality and career path.

Helping You Tap The Hidden Job Market

Did you know that approximately 80% of all jobs are unadvertised? By working with Rakia Recruiting, we get to know your competitive edge and open up opportunities for you that may not otherwise be available.

The Process
  • Contact us and send us your resume
  • We do phone screening and reference checking
  • Click here for Candidate resources
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