Shortfall of 20,000 Workers in Canada’s Mining Industry – Global Business Reports

Posted January 2015

Canada's north has boundless opportunities in mining, but the sparseness of the population, coupled with a reluctance to relocate from urban centres has left the industry with a looming skills shortage. "…. the solution is foreign workers,” said Amir Marciano, managing partner of Rakia Recruiting.

Canadian Businesses Rate Hiring as 2015’s Biggest Challenge – Canadian Business

Posted January 2015

Finding the right employees is getting harder, according to a new survey by business software company Sage. The difficulty in finding qualified applicants may indicate that demographic trends that have been on the horizon, such as baby boomer retirement, may finally be starting to have an impact on the job market.

1 Million Jobs Will Open Up in BC; Here Are The 5 Most In Demand – The Province

Posted January 2015

The bulk of one million new job openings in the next 7 years will be due to retirement, and one-third will be due to economic growth, with 44 percent of job openings in skilled trades or technical positions. LNG could provide an additional 100,000 openings...

What’s the Best Resume Font, Size and Format? – The Undercover Recruiter

Posted December 2014

Style is sometimes just as important as substance when it boils down to a tight race between two qualified candidates. While most people know not to be garish and to avoid fonts like Comic Sans, here are some more tips to write an effective resume that's easy to read and makes your best accomplishments stand out.

GoldieBlox Gets Girls Interested In Construction, Engineering – Yahoo Canada News

Posted December 2014

Move aside, Barbie — the new, smarter alternative to the hottest doll on the market is Goldie. With her frizzy hair, Chuck Taylors and toolkit, she sets out to construct machines and solve problems. The six books and construction-set combinations, called GoldieBlox, are found on over 1,000 toy-store shelves...

Western Canada Leads Economic Growth in 2014 - Mining Weekly

Posted July 2014 Posted July 2014

Western Canadian provinces are expecting the most promising outlook in the country for the next while. Significant economic growth in BC, Alberta and Manitoba will be evident this year and in coming years, with the job market already improving. A positive outlook for the central and eastern parts of Canada is also forecast for 2015.