Canada’s construction industry forecast to improve -

Posted May 2016

Despite contracting by 1.7% in 2015, Canada’s construction industry is forecast to improve over the next five years, and to reach US$321 billion by 2020, according to the latest report from Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC).

Vancouver Real Estate Buyers Flooding Into Victoria - Vancouver Sun

Posted May 2016

Real estate agent Chuck Meagher is touring six Lower Mainland residents around Greater Victoria this week, kicking the tires on condos, single-family houses and a couple of acres of bare land. They’re part of a growing wave of house-rich Vancouver property owners heading to the capital region where property is less pricey.

Immigrants Are the Solution to Canada’s Labor - Huffington Post

Posted May 2016

A 2014 report by Miner Management Consultants estimates a labour force shortage of close to 2 million workers in Canada by 2031. That's an entire major city's worth of workers. It is also important to note that many positions continue to sit vacant today in semi- or lower-skilled occupational job categories in which Canadians are not lining up to work.

Should You Hire for Personality or Skill? -

Posted May 2016

Pop quiz, hotshot. You have two candidates coming in today for an interview. One is fairly skilled with solid experience, but has an attitude that is a little suspect. The other candidate, by all accounts, is warm and friendly but has less experience and accomplishments.
Which do you hire?

10 Awesome Interview Tips from Actual Hiring Managers -

Posted May 2016

When you’re aggressively searching for a job, don’t you wish you had some insight into what the interviewer really wants from you – and doesn’t want?
We’ve found pure, unadulterated comments, complaints and advice from actual recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals that they wish job seekers knew.
Take a look at what they had to say, and pay attention. What you see may help you land that job!

Investors Betting Big on B.C. Natural Gas Liquids – Business Vancouver

Posted April 2016

NGL (natural gas liquids) , not LNG (liquefied natural gas), appears to have been driving billions of dollars of investments in new gas processing plants in British Columbia recently.