Canadian Construction is Heading Toward Recovery - Construction Canada

Posted June 2016

Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC) forecasted the country’s construction to improve over the next five years, reaching $417 billion by 2020.

Oil Exporters’ Currencies Jump Versus Dollar as Crude Passes $50 - BOE Report

Posted June 2016

Currencies of oil and commodities exporters rallied as petroleum rose above $50 a barrel for the first time in more than six months. The Norwegian krone, South African rand, Mexican peso and Canadian dollar led gains versus the U.S. dollar amid signs a surplus in crude that saw prices tumble to a 12-year low in January is coming to an end.

OUTLOOK: Canadian Mining Eye Points Toward Surging Sector in Q1 - Canadian Mining Journal

Posted June 2016

EY‘s Canadian Mining Eye index gained 26% during Q1 2016, significantly outperforming the S&P/TSX composite index and the London Metal Exchange. This is a large turnaround compared to just a 2% gain in Q4 2015. The index’s gains were mainly driven by an increase in commodity prices, largely on the back of a robust increase in gold prices.

Ten Ways Employee Surveys Help Attract and Retain Talent- UndercoverRecruiter

Posted June 2016

A strong workplace culture increases business performance by engaging everyone in a united goal, values and vision. It is also essential for helping to attract and retain talent; a key element to achieving business growth. The culture of your workplace has a significant impact on your employer brand and influences the perception of working for you. It is also crucial for staff retention, as employees will look to escape a toxic culture.

Techniques to Fine-Tune Focus and Efficiency - UndercoverRecruiter

Posted June 2016

Business moves at supersonic speed. While technology has facilitated easier communication and information gathering, it has also ushered in a new economy in which the common worker can be more readily replaced by technological advancements than ever before.

Oil’s Magic Number Becomes $50-a-Barrel for Promise of Recovery - Boer Report

Posted May 2016

BP Plc, rig-owner Nabors Industries Ltd. and explorer Pioneer Natural Resources Co. all said in the past 24 hours that prices above $50 will encourage more drilling or provide the needed boost to cash flow. With oil bouncing close to $45 a barrel, an industry that has been shaving costs to stay competitive is ready for signs of stability at a price level less than half of 2014’s average.