Mortgage Professionals Canada says there's no evidence of housing bubble - CBC News

Posted July 2016

There is no housing bubble, and any misguided attempts to fix one will cause bigger problems in the long run.
That's one of the main takeaways of a new report from Mortgage Professionals Canada, an industry group that represents 11,000 mortgage brokers across the country.

Oilsands production to be 1 million barrels a day higher by 2025: researchers - Calgary Herald

Posted July 2016

A U.S. research organization says Canada's oilsands companies will gradually switch from new projects to expansion of existing operations as production grows over the next nine years to 3.4 million barrels a day from 2.4 million at present.

Oil price could hit $80 in 2017, Raymond James predicts - Vancouver Sun

Posted July 2016

Rebounding after a two-year collapse, it’s only this month that oil prices have pushed up past US$50 a barrel, but Raymond James & Associates says this is just the beginning for higher prices.

76% of Candidates Want to Know About Day-to-Day Responsibilities -

Posted July 2016

According to CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior Study, the question on 76% of job seekers’ minds is “What would my day-to-day job be?” Fifty-seven percent are wondering what skill sets employers consider negotiable versus non-negotiable skills.
These may sound like pretty basic queries, but employers who fail to address these questions in job postings or in the interview process are going to have a hard time finding interested candidates.

What Questions Should You Actually Ask Your Interviewer? -

Posted July 2016

You should ensure you’re prepared for all the questions they may ask you in an interview, but there’s one more part of an interview that you need to make sure that you’re ready for; the end of the interview when the interviewer/hiring manager asks you if you have any questions. This is where you can blow them out of the water with some seriously impressive questions about the company and the role.

New B.C. Oil Discovery Takes Province's Crude Output to a Nine-Year High - Vancouver Sun

Posted June 2016

In Premier Christy Clark’s vision of British Columbia’s economic future, natural gas is the headliner as the province gears up to export billions of tonnes of liquefied natural gas from proposed West Coast projects.
But the premier may have to make room on the bill for another fossil fuel. Thanks mainly to a Calgary-based company drilling in the northeastern part of the province, B.C.’s daily crude oil production is at a nine-year high and expected to steadily increase.