Creating a Safety and Wellness Culture in Your Company - Travelers

Posted September 2016

Beyond attracting and hiring qualified job candidates and onboarding and training staff into an organization, there are many steps that employers can take to promote both safety and the continued wellness and productivity of their workforce. A process to support and engage your workforce that focuses on safety and wellness can help employees adopt a healthier lifestyle, both at home and at the workplace.

Oil Price Will Hold Steady for Rest of Year, Alberta Analyst Says - Vancouver Sun

Posted August 2016

Declining oil production and lower stockpiles mean prices are likely to strengthen into next year, a new report from Deloitte’s Resource Evaluation and Advisory group says.
One major reason for the production drop was the Fort McMurray wildfire, which cut oilsands output by up to 1.5 million barrels a day, enough to temporarily bring world supply below consumption levels, says a price forecast released Tuesday.

Natural-gas Drillers Awarded $120-Million in Provincial Tax Breaks - Vancouver Sun

Posted August 2016

The province has approved $120-million in tax breaks to 10 energy companies in exchange for continued spending on developing the industry’s infrastructure in northeastern British Columbia, Natural Gas Development Minister Rich Coleman said Tuesday.
Companies involved, which include Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Chevron Canada and the Cutbank Ridge Partnership — a joint venture of Encana Corp. and Mitsubishi Corp. — are expected to spend $185 million on 15 authorized pipeline or road-building projects.

Moon Mining: It’s Closer Than Ever Thanks to a Small Canadian Company - Canadian Mining Journal

Posted August 2016

Mining here on earth is a brute force industry, says Dale Boucher, chief executive officer of Deltion Innovations Ltd. of Capreol, Ont.
“If a rock is too big, you just get a bigger hammer to hit it with,” says Boucher.” You can’t take the same approach with space mining. You have to learn how to do things with very little weight and very little power.” Mining in outer space may seem like the stuff of science fiction but, in fact, it is going to happen sooner than most of us can imagine. NASA is currently planning a lunar Resource Prospector Mission; with a “notionally targeted launch” in 2018.

The 5 Basics to Being a Better Leader - the

Posted August 2016

Some of us are natural-born leaders; the rest of us have to figure it out along the way.
If your goal is to become a better leader in your office or your field, but you’re finding it a struggle, then maybe it’s because you’re focusing on the wrong things. It’s important to understand the process of actively developing leadership qualities and skills over time. Leadership isn’t something that randomly pops up due to genes or suddenly appears when it’s needed. Great leaders aren’t made overnight; you’re better off developing a plan on how to get there and taking it day by day. Here’s some advice that might help.

Eight True Stories That Prove Being Yourself Does Get You Ahead -

Posted August 2016

There are certain things you’re supposed to do as part of the job search. The tailored resume is bound to get you much further than a generic one. And if your cover letter expresses enthusiasm for the job you’re applying to, it’s more likely to get the attention of the hiring manager—more than say one that could work for any job in any old engineering department.
But what if you could do more to grab someone’s attention? What if you could speed that process up by being honest about who you are? Read on to learn how eight professionals braved being themselves to advance their career.