Innovation in Mining Could Lead to Less Environmental Impact - Vancouver Sun

Posted January 2017

It sounds simplistic, but innovations in mining — from the development of sensor-driven autonomous mining machines to advances in the microbiology of minerals — promise viable alternatives for miners to operate on a smaller scale.

“If you look at (mining) on a global basis, the ability for us to fund or develop these big-scale mines I think is very questionable already,” said Kip Jeffrey, head of the Camborne School of Mines at the University of Exeter in the U.K.

Husky Energy to spend $1 billion on new heavy oil projects in Saskatchewan - Vancouver Sun

Posted January 2017

Maidstone’s mayor says he is thrilled that Husky Energy Inc. plans to invest more than $1 billion into three new steam-assisted heavy oil extraction plants in west-central Saskatchewan over the next several years.

The town of 1,300 has been deeply affected by crashing oil prices, with jobs lost, employment insurance cheques distributed and once-full homes for sale, and the prospect of almost 100 new full-time energy industry jobs in the region is “huge,” Brennan Becotte said.

Goldcorp Ditches Diesel to Electrify Borden Mine - Business Vancouver

Posted January 2017

Vancouver-based mining company Goldcorp Inc. (TSX:G; NYSE:GG) is causing a stir in the industry after announcing plans to develop an all-electric mine.

Located near Chapleau, Ontario, 160 kilometres west of the company’s Porcupine mine, the Borden mine site will be the future home of North America’s first fully electric mining operation.

“Governments around the world are signing on to different agreements to reduce greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions,” said Brent Bergeron, Goldcorp’s executive vice-president of corporate affairs and sustainability. “What we are trying to do is say, ‘How can we, as a company, be leaders alongside government?’”

The Post-Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Forget to Ask Candidates -

Posted January 2017

The candidate you are representing has made it to interview stage. You made sure that you asked them all the preparation questions and they seemed ready to go, ticking all of the boxes! Now that they’re out of the interview you’re keen to get all the details, right?

Interview Prep 101: Back to Basics -

Posted January 2017

Your CV has received great feedback, you’ve passed the telephone screening and finally been invited to interview. However it’s not time to celebrate just yet; there’s still a lot of work to be done before you land the job.

Job interviews can be stressful and nerve-racking but good preparation will make the process much easier for you. If you have an interview coming up, StandOut CV have created this useful step-by-step guide for simple yet effective interview preparation.

Oil Comes Back to Life in Canada -

Posted December 2016

Two years after the collapse in oil prices forced the oil and gas industry to scale back drilling, the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) is forecasting a year-over-year increase in the number of wells drilled in Canada.

Companies will drill 4,175 wells next year, a 31 percent increase compared to 2016, according to the association. The number is still 63 percent lower than the 11,204 wells drilled in Canada in 2014, but marks a turning point for the industry as oil prices remain below $50 per barrel.