Vancouver Economy is on FIRE - Business in Vancouver

Posted February 2017

Vancouver had record growth in 2016 – about half of which is attributable to the so-called FIRE sector (finance, insurance and real estate) and construction.

Economic growth in B.C., particularly Vancouver, was so strong in 2016, it has nowhere to go but down, according to the Conference Board of Canada.

Revenue-Sharing Clinches B.C.’s Pipeline Approval - Business in Vancouver

Posted February 2017

Kinder Morgan Canada deal provides province with up to $1 billion over 20 years

BC will receive $25 million to $50 million a year from Kinder Morgan Canada over two decades for environmental initiatives and a guarantee that B.C. workers will get priority for construction jobs during the $6.8 billion Trans Mountain pipeline twinning project.

What Candidates REALLY Look For in a New Job -

Posted February 2017

All things being equal job seekers prefer to choose a new role not on the basis of salary or job title but for the sake of the employer brand and organisational culture. A Korn Ferry study found 73 per cent of respondents claim their number one driver at work is doing a job that has meaning and purpose, while only 3 per cent say pay is the top driver.

Five Tips to Staying Authentic in Your Job Search -

Posted February 2017

The internet is rife with advice on how to answer common interview questions. However, if everyone follows the exact same advice and quotes the exact same answers all the time, employers will be left with a bunch candidates who are not authentically representing themselves. If you’re a job seeker, constantly conforming to what you think employers want you to say could be to the detriment of your individuality, and result in you winding up in a job that doesn’t really reflect your personality or best interests.

LNG, Alberta coal Phase-Out to Kickstart Economy and Employment in Northeast B.C - Western Investor

Posted January 2017

Alberta’s plan to totally phase out coal power production within 14 years, combined with federal approval of new northeast natural gas pipelines are among the reasons B.C.’s Montney region is banking on significant growth this year.

Commercial Real Estate Sales Hit Quarterly Record as Investors Hunt Yields - Vancouver Sun

Posted January 2017

Real estate firm CBRE says Canada hit a record level for commercial real estate sales in the third quarter and is on track to beat an annual record set during the 2007 boom.

The firm says sales of office space, apartments, land and other commercial properties hit $11.2 billion in the quarter ended Sept. 30 and forecast that for the full year there will be more than $35 billion in deals across the country to surpass the current $32.1-billion record.