Canada well-placed to lead clean-energy fight: Olive - The Star

Posted July 2017

Canada might seem an unlikely candidate to be a winner in the race to create one of the world’s first clean-energy economies. And yet Canada has formidable advantages. To be sure, on a per capita basis, Canada is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG) among the world’s largest economies. Even on a nominal basis, Canada is among the top 10 CO2 emitters. And in its latest annual report, the Brussels-based Climate Action Network Europe (CAN), an authoritative global watchdog, ranks Canada a miserable 55th in its climate-change policies, trailing Russia (53rd), China (48th), the U.S. (43rd) and leaders France, Sweden and the U.K. But since the research was done for that report, Canada has upped its game. The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change unveiled by Ottawa last year is among the world’s most comprehensive plans for curbing global warning.

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